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Real-time self-organizing financial services management platform

lempute_the_idea2Financed in partnership with EU structural fund INTELEKTAS LT and to be developed together with RMD Technologies, BAS has received approval for the creation of a real-time self-organizing financial services management solution project, called RiskFinas.

Designed to manage credit risk and related lending products, this solution will aid financial institutions in this most important area in banking business, ensuring profitable management of financial resources.

Currently, due to cost considerations, automated risk assessment is preserved only of the largest financial institutes. A significant innovation, built through algorithms and event-driven architecture, RiskFinas offers a unique advantage to financial institutes of all sizes (for example banks, credit unions and leasing companies), real-time risk assessment and advanced analytical solutions at an affordable cost.

RiskFinas also conforms to Basel III requirements. Highly adaptable, easy to integrate and user friendly, the system will automatically forecast and analyse risks and serves to both ensure future security to the institute and to lower lending cost and capital reserves.